Siddharth Filaments Private Limited

Siddharth Filaments Private Limited

Mandarwaja, Surat, Gujarat
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Some Products are

Some Products are:
Sports Pads, Gloves, Wrist-bands, Sports, Suits etc.
Apparel Diapers, Badges, Shoulder-pads, Fashion Garments etc.
Interiors Curtains, Sofa, Bed, Carpets, etc.
Medical Tourniquet, Blood Pressure Cuff, Orthopaedic Aids etc.
Industrial Automobiles, Aircrafts, Safety equipments, etc.
Others Toys, Shoes, Mosquito-nets, Rakhis T.V. and Radio Covers.

Some Uses for Hook and Loop

Some Uses for Hook and Loop:

  • Hang child's paper on the refrigerator
  • Hang greeting cards
  • Embellish handmade cards
  • Fastener for handmade cards
  • Add embellishments to Altered Arts projects
  • Fasteners for scrapbook covers
  • Add embellishments to scrapbook covers
  • Add embellishments to 3-D scrapbook projects
  • Doll house decoration fastener
  • Hang chore lists
  • Secure batteries and radio receivers in RC model aircraft
  • Secure flashlight to wall for emergencies
  • Fasten white board in kitchen for family notes
  • Fastener for kitchen cabinets
  • Hang smoke detector to wall or ceiling
  • Hang battery operated lights in hallway or bathroom
  • Attach remote control to TV or side table to keep handy
  • Shelf labels to be easily interchangeable
  • Presentation or display board projects
  • Display student projects in classroom
  • Secure items to dashboard of car or RV
  • Secure first aid kit to back of SUV
  • Secure kitchen or bath items in RV's
  • Make interactive educational tools
  • Hold pen to bulletin board
  • Hang Christmas lights
  • Hang turnpike pass to rear view mirror
  • Secure shelving in garage
  • Secure boat cushions in place
  • Attach water bottle to bike
  • Mount chalkboard or bulletin board
  • Keep cooler in place in truck bed
  • Attach baby monitor to crib
  • Mount letter organizer to wall
  • Hold car mat in place
  • Hang and organize tool
  • Hang curtain valance
  • Hang pictures
  • Secure cushions to outdoor furniture
  • Attach or secure widow screens
  • Attach shower radio to shower walls
  • Secure mobile phone on car dash
  • Secure mail box to house
  • Secure bird house to home
  • Anchor timing box for irrigation system
  • Secure lattices to cinder block walls
  • Secure flower pots on top of cinder block walls
  • Secure outdoor art to patio walls
  • Hang signs
  • Hang suggestion boxes, real estate boxes
  • Hang posters
  • Hang lightweight banners
  • Hang business announcements
  • Display children's art
  • People clothing fastener
  • Pet clothing fastener
  • Doll clothing fastener
  • Halloween costumes
  • Walker bag closures for senior citizens
  • Table skirting
  • Shelf skirting
  • Sink skirting
  • Attaching scouting badges
  • Replacing hems
  • Replacing backpack fasteners
  • Closure for duvet covers
  • Special needs clothing
  • Securing shoulder pads
  • Attaching appliqués to clothing
  • Attaching appliqués to backpacks and handbags
  • Seasonal pillow case fastener for quick change
  • Use instead of zippers
  • Use instead of buttons and/or in between buttons
  • Make Christmas tree skirt
  • Hold couch cushions or arm covers in place
  • Make room dividers
  • Make shower curtains
  • Make lamp shade covers
  • Hang curtains
  • Make kitchen appliance covers
  • Repair shoe straps
  • Make detachable dust ruffle
  • Replace purse closure
  • Use to repair tents or tarps
  • Make car seat covers
  • Make baby bibs
  • Computer cord wrap
  • Wrap glue gun cord
  • Hand tool cord wrap

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